Lyme Park Estate to Host Rod Bond F1 Summit Supercar Event

Rod Bond and Formula One stars to take part in supercar show for anti-knife crime charity event at Lyme Park Estate, Cheshire.

Following last year’s Manchester F1 Anti-Knife Crime Summit, organiser Rod Bond promised a range of outreach events aimed at youths most likely to be affected by knife crime and the factors contributing to it. After the 2018 F1 Summit’s key findings were published, it emerged that there is a dearth of outreach initiatives to directly engage youngsters. Rod Bond, the F1 Summit’s lead organiser, and a group of high-profile celebrities, including Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and George Russell pledged to act. This year’s F1 Summit will be accompanied by the Lyme Part Estate Supercar Show in Cheshire.

Rod Bond, Formula One Stars and Supercars

Avid supercar enthusiast Rod Bond, along with Formula One pals led by Lewis Hamilton, will oversee the outreach event taking place at Lyme Park. More than twenty of the world’s fastest, most powerful and high-performing supercars are promised to attend. Scheduled to follow on from the Lyme Park “Passion for Power” Classic Car Show, the event promises to make an exciting summer for Cheshire’s finest estate. In the historical stately home’s plush surroundings, Rod Bond’s very own Ferrari FXX K Evo will lead the pack. As the only road legal Ferrari variant of its kind, its expected to attract supercar aficionados in their droves.

Lyme Park Event

The main pavilion will house key attractions including the Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1, the McLaren F1, the McLaren 720S, the Mclaren 650S, the Lamborghini Miura and the LaFerrari. Entertainment will be provided by various young performers among the participants, tasked with organising the event themselves. “It’s going to be a great day and the Formula One lads can’t wait,” said organiser and veteran philanthropist Rod Bond.