Cheshire Tourist Attractions: Nantwich

The market town of Nantwich is located towards the south of Cheshire. It is best known for its unrivalled concentration of listed buildings, boasting a mix of Tudor and Georgian architecture. Nantwich’s history dates back to Roman times, when its salt was mined and used in the garrison of Deva Victrix in Chester. Today, with countless visitor attractions and places of interest, Nantwich is a burgeoning hub for tourists from war and wide.

Dorford Hall

Dorford Hall is located in the village of Acton, one mile away from the centre of Nantwich. The quintessentially English Jacobean mansion is a Grade I listed building and represents four hundred years of enchanting English heritage. The brick and stone gabled house is nestled in acres of idyllic countryside and features elegant gardens which also host a thousand-year-old chestnut tree. Open to visitors and offering historic tours of the main hall and estate, Dorford Hall also serves as a popular wedding and corporate events venue, the estate’s cottages are also available for short-term lets.

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker was first used in the Second World War to confuse Luftwaffe bombers and divert their attention from Crewe. In the decades following the war, the site was upgraded numerous times to counter various developing military threats. Following the end of the Cold War, the government abandoned the secret bunker network. It was bought by a private company and today exists as a Cold War themed museum. Its displays feature memorabilia and artefacts from the Cold War, as well as a vast collection of decommissioned nuclear weapons.

Nantwich Museum

Nantwich Museum offers an insight into important industries, events and people that affected the history of the Nantwich. The museum’s collections include several sections which feature a Civil War Centre, Industry and Trades and a range of temporary exhibitions.