Endon Hall, Cheshire

Endon Hall is located to the south of the Cheshire parish of Bollington. It was built by industrialist William Clayton who built a number of other properties including Endon Cottage, Endon House and Endon Lodge, all located in Cheshire. Belonging to an old Macclesfield family from Titherington, William Clayton was originally a cotton manufacturer. After leasing a colliery from Thomas Ward in 1791, Clayton’s rich grew, allowing him to purchase land and construct several properties. The Endon estate that William Clayton bought from the Whetton family included quarries and coal mines. Endon Hall was constructed in the early nineteenth century and was extended in the 1850s. Endon Hall also comprises stables and a coach house, which are built in local sandstone and Kerridge stone-slate roofs. Both the stables and the coach house are Grade-II listed buildings according to the National Heritage List for England.

Endon House was built by William Clayton in 1827. Located on Higher Lane in Kerridge, the property is today worth approximately £1.3 million pounds. Endon Lodge is an octagonal gate house located on the corner of Clarke Lane and Oak Lane in Kerridge, Macclesfield. It is a Grade-II listed building and was built by William Clayton circa 1850. The interior hexagonal plan contains two storeys and is located next to the original front drive to Endon Hall.

Despite constructing these historical houses, William Clayton preferred to live in Starkey House on Street Lane in Adlington. In 1840, Clayton had built two turret cottages and a smithy on Windmill Lane. The smithy has since been converted into a third cottage.