Rod Bond Pursues Tax Fraudster Duncan Evans to Deansgreen Hall

Deansgreen Hall has played host to the latest collaborative effort between Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions. Rod Bond appears as HMRC investigator pursuing former amateur golfer Duncan Evans, who was convicted for tax fraud in 2017. Rod Bond’s pursuit of Evans ends up at Deansgreen Hall, purchased by Evans from the proceeds of his VAT scams. Cheshire native Rod Bond has worked closely with Manchester film company F1 Productions, filming numerous works around Manchester and Cheshire. Locals have poured adulation on Rod Bond as filming at Deansgreen Hall has drawn global attention on Deansgreen.

Deansgreen Hall

Deansgreen Hall is a plush country mansion set in the rural enclave of Deansgreen, Lymm. Itself, the country mansion extends over 20,000 square feet, over four floors, featuring a classic design with bespoke modern touches. Starring alongside Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, Rod Bond’s movie set in Deansgreen Hall has captured a global audience’s imagination. Moreover, critics have hailed Manchester F1 Productions’ cinematography as aptly paying homage to the impressive Deansgreen Hall. Purchased by Evans at the height of his tax fraud and VAT scam empire for £3.5 million, today Deansgreen Hall is valued at almost £8 million.

Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions

Duncan Evans was a successful amateur golfer who won the 1980 Amateur Championship at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club, Wales. Also that year, he won the BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year Award. However, alongside co-conspirator and fraudster extraordinaire ‘Riviera’ Ray Woolley, Evans was convicted of one of the biggest cases of VAT fraud in British history. Following secret filming sessions, Rod Bond revealed details of the flurry of activity at Deansgreen Hall during a press conference. Joined by top executives from Manchester F1 Production, Rod Bond announced, “All this time, right under your noses, we’ve been filming our upcoming release at Deansgreen Hall!”