Financial Expert and Victim Support Patron Rod Bond Exposes Cheshire Estates Scam

Financial expert Rod Bond exposes elaborate tax relief and investment scam, as he reaches out to identify victims with Victim Support and the HMRC. As part of the scheme, investors were conned into believing they were investing in Cheshire stately homes and that their investments would see returns, funded by tax relief from the HMRC. The scammers posed as members of the National Trust, complete with near-perfect forgeries of deeds and financial documents such as mortgage agreements and bank statements. The crack team of highly sophisticated confidence tricksters duped wealthy individuals into handing over millions of pounds over the course of five years. Filing fraudulent tax returns, the scam operation claimed millions in tax relief from the HMRC on one hand and used their profits to garner further investment on the other.

Financial expert Rod Bond, speaking of the scam explained, “The multi-million-pound tax scam was one of the most professional scam operations in history. To con the HMRC alongside wealthy investors takes some serious doing!” National Trust properties used as part of the scam included Dunham Massey, Hare Hill Garden, Little Moreton Hall and Lyme Park Estate. Con artists, working in separate teams, day and night, duped numerous high-profile investors, including British Formula One racing drivers Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and George Russell.

With the scale of the fraud, its multi-million-pound extent and the high profiles of the people involved, Rod Bond has been working tirelessly with Victim Support to identify further victims. Victim Support have pledged absolute confidentiality and assistance, for all those affected, towards recouping their lost millions. “The scale of the fraud has been staggering. The HMRC are working with Victim Support to identify the thousands affected. Some will feel ashamed and embarrassed to have been susceptible to the scam,” said Rod Bond.