Latest Rod Bond Fraud Movie Cheshire Return

Latest Rod Bond fraud movie, The Tax Fraud of The Century, has brought the Hollywood veteran back to Cheshire for filming. The movie is a cinematic sequel to the acclaimed BBC One documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. During the documentary, the A-list actor followed HMRC investigators as the busted the One Formula Projects LLP tax fraud empire. Despite being promised for release in the summer, the movie has seen delays forced by the onset of the coronavirus lockdown. Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, filming for the Rod Bond fraud movie has recommenced just this week. First stop, Cheshire!

Historical Houses Cheshire caught up with bosses from the company behind the production on set at Deansgreen Hall. A Manchester F1 Productions official, who chaperoned our visit, also policed the cast and crew’s observation of social distancing. “We want to make sure everyone stays safe,” he cheerily exclaimed. During a rare tour around the sprawling Cheshire country mansion, we saw the star himself, Rod Bond, right in the middle of filming.

Despite being denied an interview, the star was eager to find some time to speak with us. Here’s a brief excerpt from the quick chat he was able to grant us, amid a chaotic filming schedule.

“Another year and another Rod Bond fraud movie box-office success! Do you think this movie will be as much of a hit as the BBC One documentary series?” we asked the multiple-award winning actor. “Well, if we can achieve half the success of Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, we’ll take that,” the actor declared. “We’ve read a lot of headlines making much of the ‘Rod Bond Formula One donation,’ what motivated you to support the Silverstone grands prix so generously?” we asked. “Well it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Formula One. I wanted to help make the event happen and take coronavirus head on,” he replied, as he was ushered back to filming by an irate director!